gI_59062_logo prCelebridge is a new and exciting charity driven online social platform for celebrities and their fans that will open for the public access in July. While the NYC based company will not disclose all of the details until the launch, it is known that on the platform fans will have a chance to virtually interact with their favorite celebrities in return for a small donation to one of the participating charities. It is a terrific concept as on one hand celebrities have tremendous fund-raising power, which charities can’t always use effectively as they often  lack technology, and on the other hand  it is next to impossible to get any virtual attention from celebrities online fans are often desperate for. “Historically nonprofits are lagging a little behind on technology, because naturally this is not what they are expected to spend money on, even if it hurts their primary objectives. I am happy we have an opportunity not just to help but to make a real difference”, says Gregory Murmylyuk, co-founder and  CEO of Celebridge, who came up with the idea while at Columbia University and joins cohort of Soviet Union born internet entrepreneurs leaded by Google’s Sergey Brin  and Jan Koum of  Whatsup.

As of today more than 70 celebrities and influencers who care about their fans and charitable causes have signed up for participation. “We guarantee most effective fund raising to charities and celebrities and most amazing experience to fans.” Celebridge’s CEO have said.

By Techwacky

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