keycdnKeyCDN is the Content Delivery Network made in Switzerland. With a huge number of servers scattered across the world, KeyCDN is dedicated in ensuring that the data is delivered safely and speedily.  KeyCDN offers different networks suitable for distribution of different kinds of data.

  • Software Distribution: Distribution of software is a very sensitive task. Along with maintaining the business and other logistic details, setting up an infrastructure for distribution of the software becomes a cumbersome job for a company. That is where the outsourcing process comes in. The whole process of delivery of software to the millions of end-users needs fast delivery and a network which is able to handle that much amount of the data. The network architects at the KeyCDN have created a network with strategically placed servers. This network has the capacity and features to deliver the data without any kind of glitch.
  • Game Distribution: Game distribution is more complicated as the game needs constant updating of data. The games needs to load in reasonable amount of time in order to keep the gamers tuned in to the game. A delay in data can make the customers angry. Key CDN ensures the game streaming a lag free and reliable experience with its superfast experience.
  • Streaming of audio and video: Huge buffer times means irate customers. KeyCDN ensures that the video and audio are updated promptly.

Why go with KeyCDN?

  • KeyCDN’s multiple Points of Presence around the globe ensures that data is delivered seamlessly. Shorter distance means lower data packet loss and reduced latency.
  • KeyCDN provides the wide network required to offload the traffic seamlessly. Our system ensures the faithful scalability of the data.
  • KeyCDN promises the security of the data. Moreover, it offers the capability to effect the security changes across the whole world within a short span of time.
  • There are enough servers which form the part of the network to ensure that there is no bad request. There is sufficient backup of data available of the data as well.
  • The services of KeyCDN are provided at an affordable cost and can be tailor-made according to the need of the company.
  • There is no need to pay any fixed charges. KeyCDN is based on the Pay as you Go model ensuring the customers pay as much as they use.
  • The company even offers the free credits so that the customers can verify the legitimacy of the claims that the company makes.
  • The fast loading page ensures that the page rank is higher and with better SEO.
  • KeyCDN can help the customers deliver any kind of data: podcasts, audio, radio, video, games, etc., nothing is beyond the KeyCDN.

The research and surveys across the world shows that the customer are more loyal to the sites which load quickly, be it shopping, a movie streaming site or a simple informational site. Any site, which takes more than three seconds to load, is bound to be abandoned by the users. In order to ensure that your data is delivered without any kind of time-gap and error, select a company that has the experience to tackle huge loads of the data.  KeyCDN is the option one should go for best experience in content delivery.

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