collegeowlzExclusive Online College Students’ Platform Launches For Early SignUps, With Full Launch Earmarked For March 2015 –

CollegeOwlz ( is now open for early access sign-ups. While the actual full launch of the online students’ platform is earmarked for March 2015, college students that want to experience a taste of the action and be among the first to connect through this pioneering platform can signup now.

“We’re launching the website in January, to ten colleges in the Pacific Northwest, including Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Washington State, Whitworth, University of Idaho, University of Montana and more,” said a spokesperson for the company, who went on to reiterate that the current launch was focused solely on early signups.

Staying true to its tagline, ‘The Wise Way to Stay Ahead in College’, CollegeOwlz is a purpose-built online platform developed with the college student in mind, operating as an exclusive online marketplace and social networking portal that enhances the college experience. Through the use of, college students can maintain full control of their college life by tapping into a number of online resources designed to complement their college needs.

Signing up instantly gives students the exclusive status of being a CollegeOwl, subsequently giving them instant access to resources such as lecture notes, study guides, book notes and flashcards, via a range of supported connection devices. The value tied to these resources is unique in that these resources, which are integral to the academic well-being of students, are uploaded by other students, so students can be sure of the fact that they’re getting honest work for their money. This ad-hoc access to up-to-date lecture notes and other resources will fill a glaringly obvious void, forming part of the college experience, allowing students to keep up and even stay ahead regardless of time spent on vacations, nights out or in the wake of illness. Prospective CollegeOwlz can get a full preview of exactly how the platform works by watching a quick 60 second motion graphic video here:

CollegeOwlz: The Wise Way To Stay Ahead [HD]

The targeted opportunity to buy and sell textbooks will undoubtedly come in very handy as textbooks can otherwise cost a fortune. Students can find used textbooks for comparable to cheaper prices than bookstores or online stores and have the convenience of meeting someone on campus versus dealing with shipping. Students seeking to sell their pre-owned books find value as well, as they can recover some of their original investments.

There is also opportunity to make some extra cash in the form of students incentivized to upload their class notes and get paid for helping their colleagues in just one of many ways. Save drafts, publish for sale, and create dialogue with your purchasers to improve your class notes, study guides, book notes, and flashcards – live and on the go. Cashing out is made easy for students through an integrated Paypal system where all fees for transactions are covered by CollegeOwlz.

Lastly, CollegeOwlz allows students to find upcoming events connected to their university or student-body at their college. Students can find information and favorite the event, which enables day-of notifications and allows students to see anticipated attendance. Find football games, fundraisers, concerts, and more.

CollegeOwlz is taking the ideal college experience and bringing it into the digital space, with the platform’s student-exclusivity making it a safe and useful peer-to-peer college network. Students seeking to become a CollegeOwl can sign up at



CollegeOwlz is an exclusive online platform for college students, serving as a specialized social networking website and marketplace where students can access resources to enhance their college experience. College students can buy and sell used textbooks and trade valuable class notes with other students situated on their local campus and in connected schools. Founded by three members in Spokane, Washington, the CollegeOwlz online platform helps students stay connected through its extensive support for all major connection devices.

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