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Created in 2014 by Ganesh Iyer, IceBreakerQ (Ice Breakrr LLC) has managed to remain the one and only application to help you find people sharing the same ideas, preferences, past schools, workplaces, ideologies and so on. The name is self explanatory. Whether you are on the street, at a wedding or a different type of social gathering, the application will help you spot the people who are worth some attention from your side. From that point on, breaking the ice is only a matter of seconds. Introduce yourself and you can strike a meaningful conversation right away based on common preferences and ideas.

IceBreakerQ (Ice Breakrr LLC) was recently featured on CES 2015. I was surprised to see them at CES 2015. Everyone was wearing a lovely ice cube costume. They had a great session with visitors. Most of them liked what they saw. Overall it was a successful event. You can find more pictures and videos from CES 2015 on their facebook page. Please do visit and say Hi to them.

How it works

IceBreakerQ (Ice Breakrr LLC) is available on both Android and iOS. The setup process takes around 5 minutes. Download and install it, then connect to it. There are five social networks to connect with – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google and Meetup. If you got accounts on all of them, chances are the results will be more accurate. The application will grab details from them, such as your preferences, schools or favorite activities, only to match you to others. Once the accounts are linked, you have to go through a small questionnaire. Ten questions about preferences, music, job, political views or signs will need to be answered in order to proceed. You cannot skip any of them.

The setup takes 5 minutes only. You can then load the application and see people around you who use it. There are three colors – green (highly recommended), yellow (maybe) and red (skip). It finds people on a 5 mile range, but you can also lower it. If you do not feel like showing up out of nowhere to introduce yourself, you can begin the conversation via Ice Breakrr. Moreover, you can find nearby events and other similar gatherings.

Matching people

At a first glance, it looks like this application is great to match people according to their preferences. It actually is. However, this is not supposed to be a dating one. Instead, it is mostly developed for social gatherings and meetings. You do not want to bump into random people and start the same conversation over and over again until you find someone who you share some interests with. Instead, Ice Breakrr makes the match. Whether it comes to politics, religion, sports, passions or hobbies, you can spot the right individuals in the crowd and engage into pleasant conversations without too much hassle.

Who Ice Breakrr is for

1508028_329296473942695_6990324571781667171_nIceBreakerQ (Ice Breakrr LLC) is for anyone who needs a hand during social meetings. It might look a little unusual to approach someone randomly on the street though, yet it displays people with common interests. The application connects all the preferences and also provides some hints on the common ideologies, only for people to know what kind of discussion to approach. It is great for sales teams, seminars, weddings, conferences, travel experiences and so on. As long as you need a conversation, this is the most efficient way to do it without wasting too much time on useless data.

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