alarm-appThere are many advantages of house alarm systems. There are many types of alarm systems, such as carbon monoxide alarms, burglar alarms and fire alarms. Having a home security alarm installed is an expensive endeavor; however the overall advantages far exceed the cost. Nowadays, many companies are installing these popular systems that offer peace of mind for anyone who owns it.

Mobile applications are also playing a great role in home security system technology. Before, home security systems featured a small book, giving all the guideline about the security system. However, now, with the latest technology, you can disarm and arm your security system from your phone with just the swipe of a finger. Other advanced systems also allow you to turn appliances and lights on and off, control your thermostat and see what is happening around your home through live video. In short, mobile applications have revolutionized the ways you can stay connected with your home from anywhere.

Most of the home security applications are compatible with tablets, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, web-enabled devices and iPad. Whether you want complete home automation or basic controls, each type of home security system applications is available for you. There are many features that are common in mobile security apps, but the satisfaction of customers with each app depends from company to company. Therefore, it is important to research the mobile apps from different companies and will help you to decide the best home security system for your house.

Types of Security System Apps

  • Proprietary Apps

There are two types of security system apps, known as and Proprietary apps. Proprietary apps are specifically developed by security companies for their own systems. These companies not only own the apps, but are also responsible for making sure that the apps are working well or not, whether customer are satisfied and for other updates. The quality of these applications depends on the company producing it. You should always read their alarm system reviews before purchasing. The major benefit of these applications is that they are tailor-made to match the security system you’ve purchased.

  • Alarm Apps

Many companies do not develop their own security applications and rather make their technology and security systems compatible with applications created by This practice is very common because, is a leader in producing home security systems. The applications work seamlessly with a variety of compatible systems and usually get higher customer satisfaction and review ratings as compared to some proprietary applications.


You shouldn’t have a security system without the use of a mobile app.  Ask your company if you can get an upgrade or be taught how to use your mobile device to work the alarm if you are not currently familiar with it.  Using your phone to control it will save you time and effort every day and give you an added measure of peace of mind.  Your children can also then work the alarm from their smart phones.

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