440_2Today’s society is based on speed and information. Every day we want to communicate faster with our family, with our friends or with our business partners. The continuously developing technology is trying to keep up with our pace and almost daily, in a corner of the world something new is invented or things are being improved to facilitate our lives. There is a multitude of programs and gadgets that were created to make our life easier and to help us keep in touch with our friends and co-workers from any place we may be.

What I used before

Microsoft’s Office service was designed to make our work more interactive and efficient. The options available and the tools offered allow us to cooperate with our colleagues from another city or from another country in no time and in an effective way. Creating and sharing documents were easier and trustworthy, editing them and accessing them whether from the PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone was a big  step forward in the high-tech industry. The multiple applications were a true blessing since they permitted free documents sharing and the possibility to edit document online. The range of application covered Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and a few more, each of it being created with the intention to facilitate people’s work.

A new alternative

The ongoing processes of improving existing programs and the desire of scientist to come up with new and more outstanding idea lead to the development of a new program that offers similar applications with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs. Its’ name is ONLYOFFICE Personal and gives people the opportunity to create, edit, share and change documents online, faster and easier. The program wants to come to meet business people’s expectations and to improve the quality of their work. Sharing online documents is safe and secure and doesn’t take long, so you can take care of a lot of things in a brief period of time.

This new program can be used at the office or at home and allows you to create notes, to attach photos, tables and graphics. To create a document is not difficult at all and you can easily send it to a co-worker at office or to a friend to share with him holiday offers or concert tickets. Since it can be installed on any device, you can use it from anywhere: the metro, a coffee shop or a railway station. It is practical and mandatory for someone who is very busy, has a tight program, but wants to be the best.

The fact that you can use word online, to make presentations and to share information with your superiors gives it a touch of refinement, especially since you can also handwrite or swipe notes. If you are looking for something to improve the working hours and your job, you should think about the opportunities this program gives you. Anyone would like to do things faster, but not to lose any of the quality of their documents or notes and that’s why using a program that offers one the opportunity to store and share a lot of information is very useful.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com