How_it_worksYou’re on your favorite browser now right? Take a look at the distance from the down button on the bottom right of your scroll bar. To the back, forward and refresh button on the top left of your browser.

Why are they so far away from each other? They are the most used buttons when you’re on a website. Why are they not closer together? With all that mouse scrolling I felt that there needed to be a way for my visitors to navigate my websites easier without doing all the scrolling back and forth.

What I came up with is the “Site Navigator”. It’s a little dial that controls the 9 main navigation functions visitors use on your website in one central location.

The average person will spend over 5 hours per day online / 25 hrs a week. That’s a drag (pun intended) when you have to keep dragging your pointer back and forth.

The 9 functions are: Scroll Down, Scroll Up, Back Page, Forward Page, Top Of The Page, Bottom Of The Page, Home Page, Site Navigator Search Page (Powered By Google) and Refresh Page.

You should also account for 110px by 110px in your lower right hand corner to make sure Site Navigator doesn’t cover up anything vital.

Want to see how much easier it makes surfing your website. Try it out HERE.

Want to put this awesome navigator on your desktop? “Click Here” The download is instant :).

By Techwacky

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