RentSan Marcos, TX: The day has come where students no longer have to search the dreaded Craig’ List posts in order to find a place to live. That means no more SPAM from oversea kings trying to get your bank account number and no more apartment locators trying to steal your business. College students in San Marcos, TX are very thankful for a new Internet start up,

“Searching for an apartment has never been easy. It’s 2014 and people still dread finding an apartment. That isn’t right.” Brenden Martin, CEO of StudentRentIt, LLC said regarding the search process. He is right, as I look back on my apartment searching days, I vividly remember hating every second of it. The entire weekend was wasted driving around town, dealing with cheesy salesman and never finding exactly what I wanted. Why was it so hard to find an apartment?

Well, not anymore. At students can search apartments near their University. They can watch videos, see unlimited photos and floor plans, rates and fees and even see events, specials and deals. What is even more spectacular is students can join communities within their college community. Remember early Facebook when you could join groups and talk to people at colleges before you moved there? Well, you can do that again on this platform. You can now see what it is really like to live at an apartment community, interact with residents, see real photos of events going on and see how the management responds to their community.

Martin said, “We really want students to be able to make a decision from their phone or the comfort of their home when finding a new, better home. The best way to do that is to provide them with as much detail as possible and allow the to connect to their future community early on.”

This new Internet listing service is setting its foundation in the student housing industry and making a name for themselves. After launching in January 2014, they have gained over 50 confirmed leases in San Marcos, TX alone. They have their sights set on expanding into nearby Texas markets including, Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, Waco, and College Station. Aisha Hopkins a Regional Director for Horizon Realty Advisors said this about StudentRentIt, LLC, “It’s been a great cost benefit for our apartment communities across Texas. A low monthly fee and unlimited leads is exactly what we need.”

StudentRentIt, LLC has created a business model that provides students the ability to gain real world experience while studying in school by being a part of their team. For more information on applying and becoming a part of the team or finding a place to live in Texas, check out today!

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