logoUniPay_middleIt’s just growing pains, isn’t it?

That’s what so many business executives say about those small and large glitches that impede their progress, slow their growth and frazzle the brains of their leaders. Growing pains are to be expected as a business moves up in the world, right?

Your business doesn’t have to be like others. While finding secure payment solutions that work for the specific needs of their industry may be holding back other companies, you can choose UniPay, the system that’s robust enough to take you from small business to emerging enterprise and beyond without the hiccups that everyone else seems to think are a normal part of doing business.

Transactions Are Key To Almost Every Business

It strains our brains to imagine a kind of business that isn’t based on transactions of some kind. With UniPay, your company gets complete integration with the most common credit card companies and banks plus lots of more obscure ones too. In addition, customization is available to make sure our product fully meets your every need.

Commerce payment systems aren’t all the same. Some don’t handle billing and collections, for example, so you have to outsource those services, but you can bring those operations in-house if you switch to UniPay.

And what if growing pains happen? With our friendly and competent customer service, we’ll help you through every challenge you encounter. You can be sure that UniPay is robust enough to stand up to your needs, and our staff can help you work through any issues.

Choosing Among Secure Payment Systems

Other companies may be telling you their product is best for your business too. But we’re confident UniPay is the best choice on the market.

Our processor-independent gateway isn’t just the best choice for secure payment systems because of it’s ease of use and scalability. Using it instead of what you’re using now can allow you to renegotiate your merchant agreements for better pricing, saving you money with every transaction.

And integration APIs make it easy for you to link your point-of-sale system with account management and collections backend features. Convinced yet?

There’s so much more to UniPay than what you’re using now, and we’d like the opportunity to explain it all to you in the level of detail you want. Can we arrange a free demonstration for you? You’ll never regret getting to know us and what we can do for you.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com