cartoon5You have an iphone 5/ 5s and now you have to buy a cute iphone 5 case that will reflect your style and what like. There is nothing wrong with a little show off of your brand new smartphone customized wrap in a beautiful case which might let others know your uniqueness.  Protecting your iphone from harm is a must, since most of us think these devices do not come cheap.  Below, a list is given that will give you some ideas to help you make a right decision on choosing one of the cases that fits best with you.  They are listed randomly and not in any specific order.

1. Cute winter bear – For those who love cute chibi cartoon animals.  Really awesome!

2. The Smurfs 2 theme – Great if you are a fan of the smurfs movies, or even the cartoon series aired years ago.

3. Spongebob squarepants – Adorable case of Spongebob creating soap bubbles

4. Yellow kitty-cat face – Cat lovers will love this super cute design

5. Purple cow – If it could talk isn’t it just saying: pick me moo?

6. Santa Claus – To show you are getting into the Christmas spirit.

7. Pink radical piggy – A fashionable pig who might also be a law breaker or a pirate

8. Alive Carpet Face with Flowers – Unusual green naturalistic theme, but eye catching

9. Unlawful critter – Simple, yet it’s ears make it an amazing case design

10. Pink zebra face – Stripes, and color make this a must for girls who love wild, and zoo animals

list of items:

There are plenty of cases for iphone, but these seem to be the ones that get most recognition and yell out: cuteness. Keep in mind that sometimes not only design is important, but also how protective your case might be.  A thin, not so sturdy one might not be a good choice because an accidental drop on hard floor will do great damage to your expensive device with the minimum protection.  It is better to play it safe: Think of thicker for more protection even when you’ll pay a little bit extra.  It could save you money, time, and communication trouble in the end.  You can find more about this subject on “iPhone 5/5s cases” They have the best deals, new arrivals, and lots more variety on lovely designs.  You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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