hiresolutionWhat Exactly is Merchant Services?

For a small businesses that want the very best in card payment solutions for its customers, then it is vital to seek the advice of a merchant account services provider. Since these specialists dedicate their time to only dealing with payment processing, they know everything about the latest technologies, security and features which can benefit your customers who are making purchases from you.

There are many payment options that you can offer consumers with in regards to handling card transactions, they can also give you tremendous benefits to your income revenue because the more people that you cater for, the more likely that most will spend money at your store. In fact, not every customer will be visiting your retail premises, some might be sending payment details by mail or phoning you to make a payment, therefore you should consider setting up a virtual terminal with a reputable Payment Service Provider which you use in conjunction merchant account.

A virtual terminal is different to a regular payment facility for face-to-face transactions and therefore a separate merchant account needs to be approved for you to process these payments, after this you will be provided with an admin interface where you can log in to enter details from the customers credit or debit card.

If you are content with simply handling payments face to face via a PDQ machine ( terminal ) we can recommend the best type for the services you offer, we are constantly approached by businesses who can’t decide which card terminal is right for them. For example, there are mobile GPRS terminals which are popular among delivery services, Bluetooth devices which are used by most restaurants and regular static terminals for payments at retail checkouts.

Every small business needs to accept credit cards because consumers think this is the ‘standard’ option when entering a store, you also want to keep up with the thousands of other businesses competing and benefiting from this popular revenue stream. It can be a confusing time when you are trying to decide between a wide selection of discount rates, packages and not to mention the completing of applications in order to get approved for your merchant account. No need to worry! through a long history in handling Merchant Services, Seymour Direct will help you obtain the right balance when it comes to transaction fees.

As soon as you get accepted for a merchant account, you will be equipped with affordable PDQ terminals (Credit Card Machines). If you want to handle phone/mail order transactions our Merchant Account set up service includes Virtual Terminals and we can also help you set up an e-Commerce website.

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