explaininja-header2Educational video production is an industry that will soon see some serious growth. This is because more and more people are choosing to take courses online rather than in big lecture halls. Online learning allows students to study at a flexible pace, and take lectures at a pace that is most suitable for focus and absorption of information. Educational videos are available to watch at any time of the day, and they can be paused and replayed if certain portions do not make sense the first time around. They also offer educators more tools for getting a point across. If the lecture is to be about a certain time in history, then the video can show images or video footage from that time period. Notes can also be displayed on the screen in a clear, easy-to-read manner reminiscent of lecture slides. Basically, educational video production weaves together all the great things about lectures while eliminating the things that are undesirable (the commute, the need to stay focused without taking a break, the possibility that students are whispering in the row just ahead, etc.).

Several major magazines have featured articles discussing the increasing importance of online learning. Traditional college-level education today is more expensive than ever, and yet the teaching methods employed in universities are often quite ineffective. Students complain that they learn very little from traditional lectures, especially since lectures are becoming increasingly crowded. Some large lecture courses pack more than seven hundred students into a single room. With this sort of arrangement, it is nearly impossible to interact with the instructor and get questions answered. In situations like these, there is no real reason to favor traditional lectures over online coursework. In fact, online coursework makes learning and certification much more cost-effective.

As students increasingly opt for online degree programs, educational video production will become much more sophisticated. With its added features, it is likely to make traditional lectures irrelevant. Students are already taking advantage of millions of educational videos that are available online for free, and this is a strong testament to their importance and effectiveness.


Guest Author Kaveen Sujanani is a master whiteboard and cartoon animation video developer. He is also the chief editor of his informative blog on which he shares new and exciting information about video marketing.

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