facebooklikesthumbWhen owners of Facebook pages research social media marketing strategies, they are often confused by the various terms used. Should they buy Facebook likes, Facebook fans or Facebook followers? People often ask us what’s the difference between Facebook likes, Facebook Fans and Facebook Followers. Well today we are going to go through and explain just what the differences are in these very similarly sounding terms! Let’s first deal with Facebook Likes.

Facebook Likes

A Facebook likes is the most popular type of activity to perform on Facebook. A like can be applied to many different types of activity on Facebook, and is represented graphically as a thumbs up icon, and normally with the text “like” above or below it. You can like many different types of activities on Facebook such as status updates a user leaves, pictures posted, comments posted or even actual fan or product pages of actors, musicians, politicians, and more! Facebook likes were the first, and definitely the most popular function on Facebook, and is what the company and experience originally was branded on.

Facebook Fans

Facebook fans are Facebook users who like a page that has been created on Facebook. Often a Facebook user will navigate to a page they have an interest in such as a famous celebrity (Madonna, Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr.) or brand they are interested in (Apple, Coke, Amazon). Once on that page a user will be able to click the like button of that page and will be associated as a Facebook fan. Becoming a fan of a Facebook page often means you will receive status updates, pictures, etc that that fan page posts in your Facebook news feed.

Facebook Followers

Facebook followers are Facebook users who want to stay updated on a users posts. To become a follower, you don’t need the approval of the user in question being followed. This is quite different to becoming a friend, and seeing everything a user posts with privacy of “friends”. Followers will be able to see global posts users make. Furthermore, if you send a friend request to a user, and they don’t approve you, or before they do approve you, you will also show up as a Facebook follower. Another difference between friends and followers, is that following is a one-way street. You can see posts of the user you are following, but the user cannot see posts from you.

Like all Facebook data, you can choose what you want and don’t want to display to users and followers through your privacy settings. Be sure to check out Facebook’s privacy settings help page for more information on privacy. If you are interested in dominating your social media campaigns, make sure to buy Facebook likes right here from us!

By Techwacky

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