Text-AnalyticsData analytics has turned out to be one of the most significant tools in online marketing research, more distinctively because of text analyticsText analytics has facilitated numerous businesses and organizations in making sound and strong decisions.It provides accurate and efficient information to market researchers, assists organizations in voice of customer analytics and help managers monitor their brands on social media.

Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis company that is aiming to democratize this technology. It hopes to achieve this through accessilbity, affordability and efficiency. The industry exclusive Microsoft Excel add-in is a huge win for everybody.

They took a piece of software (Microsoft Excel) that 99% of people have, and are already familiar with. They made an add-in for this software so that users wouldn’t have to focus on learning a brand new platform. Instead, users can simply apply features from the Semantria tab and apply them to existing data within Microsoft Excel.

This technology comes at a low cost. It is available to the public for under $1000. This leaves room for smaller to medium size business’ to fork over a little bit of extra cash and get their own analytics department up and running. It has also allowed for many customer experience management startups to come to the market, being able to offer their own clients this state of the art technology.

Hundreds of thousands of documents can be analyzed in under 3 minutes. That’s right, you can send your data to the cloud and get it back on a new Excel worksheet in a matter of minutes.

“What is the younger generation saying about our product?”-“Is the service or product pleasing their desired age group?” These are a few examples of questions that come about frequently from organizations.They know that when customers like a brand, they remaindevoted to it. To find out why they opt for the brand and who select that brand can be easily revealedthrough text analytics, hense the power of the technology and why there is such a high demand for it.

Semantria is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Mandarine. All of these dictionaries are built natively from their own language. This is a key differentiation factor as many competitors in the industry seem to build dictionaries that are translated from English or other languages.

Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis company, offering a cloud based API that processes documents quickly and accurately. Semantria’s goal is to make text analytics accessible to anyone, regardless of technical skill, in under 3 minutes, for less than $1000. Semantria is used to analyze all types of unstructured text, ranging from ordinary use cases like social media monitoring and customer experience management, to stranger ones like dream analysis and smell description (that’s a real thing).

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