AC411 Multimedia SpeakersWhen was the last time you looked at your old pc speaker and wished it Wireless?

Both Dell & Creative have now released Wireless Bluetooth pc speakers to replace their older wired only pc speakers. This change largely reflects the state of play in the pc computing market which is now highly fragmented with many types of computing form factors such as desktops, all in ones, Ultrabooks, tablets & smartphones.

The first Bluetooth speakers in the market were largely portable Wireless Bluetooth and targeted towards improving the audio performance of smartphone devices which had tiny speakers and underwhelming audio performance.

The new pc speakers from Dell & Creative are fixed Wireless Bluetooth speakers and they incorporate both a Wired & Wireless connector and targeted towards all pc form factors. The advantage off Wired & Wireless connectivity for fixed pc speakers is really the convenience of Wireless Bluetooth when connecting phones and tablets whilst the Wired connectivity is the best option when connecting to desktops and notebooks producing the highest fidelity audio.

If your looking for great audio quality for your pc speaker and versatility of Wired & Wireless connectivity the Dell AC411 & Creative T3150 represent great value.

Dell AC411 Speaker System –

2.1 Channel speaker system with subwoofer, 33W RMS power and priced at $79 from

Creative T3150 Speaker System –

2.1 channel Speakers system with subwoofer, 9W RMS power and price at $79 from

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