5 Best Free Android Apps for Aspiring PhotographersIf you are an aspiring photographer, you don’t need an expensive high tech camera to capture your photos. Thanks to the many quality apps on Android’s Google Play, you can rely on plenty of photography apps on your smartphone to sharpen your photo capturing skills. Best of all, many of the top photography apps in the marketplace are free. Here are a few to consider if you are serious about photography.


Camera+ (Camera Studio) is the ultimate photography app as it includes a variety of great features that let you touch up your images. Add great filter effects, get quick results, enjoy an anti-shaking mode while shooting your pictures and much more. You can quickly and easily add any of your photos to social networking websites and hone your photography skills. There are various modes, including continuous mode, countdown mode, voice shutter mode and more. Download the app here.


Instagram is a great free app for photography lovers. It is used by more than 130 million users for a reason as you can either capture new photos or use those that are already in your phone’s camera roll and add a variety of nice effects to them. Add a number of different filters, borders and share all of your photos to social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and photo sharing sites. Many users rely on the app on their iPad as they can get an iPad SIM card for their web access. Download the app here.


Camera360 includes seven distinctive shooting modes and allows you to add great effects to your photos. With the app, you can even piece together all of your most memorable photo moments. Share your photos, manage and edit them quickly and easily. You can keep them private as well. One of the best aspects of the app is that you can store them in a cloud storage platform that doesn’t take up space on your Bell.ca Android Canada phone. Download the app here.


Cymera — Camera and Photo Editor is a great photography app that is best suited for taking portraits. It includes a large variety of lenses and shooting options, add filters and beauty effects, create collages and much more. There is even a face detection technology included. Download the app here.

Retro Camera

Retro Camera allows you to take great looking vintage looking photos. There are five different cameras included, five vintage effects and other filters that will turn any image into an old fashioned-looking photo. Download the app here.

It is well worth your time looking into each of these great photography apps. Every one of them serves to help improve your camera skills. You will have a lot of fun using them as well.

By Techwacky

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