wappbbmWhatsapp for blackberry is a messenger that offers cross-platform for mobile messaging application and allows people to send and receive messages without paying for the normal short message service or SMS. Whatsapp messenger on blackberry is available on all the big brand phones and they can all message other users easily. Whatsapp messenger makes use of the internet plan or connection that is used for web browsing and email. There is absolutely no charge for staying in contact and touch with the friends to message, to share photos, videos and audio messages. In addition to the necessary messaging, Whatsapp addicts can also send unlimited images to other users and also send audio and video media messages. Blackberry users can enjoy unlimited messaging or rather chatting at no cost except for paying for the internet plans. It is the best means of staying in touch with the family, colleagues, friends and also family. Whatsapp users on blackberry get to enjoy by creating groups and exchange unlimited messages.

Features of Whatsapp on blackberry

Whatsapp has the feature of sending multimedia to other users on other brands of mobiles. Multimedia option helps in sending images, voice notes and images to contacts whose name appears in Whatsapp. The group chat feature also let users enjoy the conversation with contacts. From the time, people install Whatsapp messenger or application; they can use the app for unlimited means of sending messages. Exchanging of messages and other important images, videos is possible with Whatsapp on blackberry. With Whatsapp on blackberry, people can send or rather exchange millions of messages in just one day to friends. Using Whatsapp with internet connectivity on blackberry or if there is wireless fidelity available is possible. The reason why Whatsapp is called as cross platform is due to its smart feature of sending pictures, location, and video and voice notes. Another important advantage or merit of installing Whatsapp is that, one can chat internationally also with friends across the globe. To avoid international messages costs, Whatsapp is the best means to exchange messages with others who have Whatsapp installed.

Whatsapp with no additional costs

There are no usernames and pins for using Whatsapp like people forget usernames and passwords for other applications. Whatsapp for blackberry works just like sending messages, receiving messages but at no SMS cost. For using Whatsapp, there is no need to add a new contact or buddy but the contact list will directly appear in the Whatsapp list because it integrates with the address book of the blackberry phone. When Whatsapp is not being used while travelling, when it is off or outside the network area, the offline messages are saved and are retrievable when it is turned on. The friends will be displayed automatically in favourites menu. Whatsapp application is much more than a messenger that helps messaging and also has the facility of contact blocking, sharing the location and have custom notification sounds for messages, chat history, messages are broadcasted for more contacts at one time.

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