s4The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of most powerful Android smart phones so far. Its exciting features such as HD screen, bold design, dual shot, sound and drama shot, S translator, chat on, air gesture, S health etc. make it a more interesting device. Various advantages that it serves to the end users also include emailing facility. It has mesmerized the consumers all across the world with its strong quad core processor, 13 megapixel cameras, 4G connection, 2GB RAM and many other attributes since its release.

But does it support other purposes? Yes it does! And you need to set up an email account first in order to take the advantage of other functions. Samsung phones are equipped with web browser and email clients both. Being an Android phone, Gmail, Google Chrome and Google play store are configured in the handset from beforehand.

Why open an Email Account?

One of the main purposes of buying a Smartphone is to be able to send and receive emails. It is the handy portable option for anybody be it a student, a business professional or a management guy. You can read and forward a mail anytime during the day and while on a go. It does all the functions of a computer and laptop.

A reliable SMTP Server on Galaxy S4 will help you in sending mails in no time wherever you are. However, to use the all the services you need to have a valid Samsung account. An account is created by putting an email address while setting up the device.

How to open an email account?

After giving the details of an email account, a Samsung account needs to be created. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to your home screen and tap on All Applications
  • Tap Email
  • Enter your Email address and password
  • Go to Manual Setup tap
  • Select the account type: POP3, IMAP or Exchange

s4-1Fill in the following details for Incoming Server Settings:

  • Your email address
  • Username and password
  • Enter server information: POP/ IMAP
  • Choose your security type
  • Enter server port details
  • Click next

Also submit the details for Outgoing Server Settings:

  • Select¬† SMTP as your outgoing server
  • Choose the security type and fill port details
  • Tick in required sign in
  • Fill your username and password
  • Click next

Several Account Options should also be selected, such as:

  • Frequency of email checking
  • Notification on arrival of new mail
  • Click next

Final Email Setup:

  • Account name
  • Your name
  • Click done

Advantage of having SMTP in Galaxy S4

SMTP Server on Galaxy S4 helps in sending a large number of mails in a go. It is advantageous to anybody and not only online marketers. In case of an urgency you can forward the mail instantly rather than waiting for computer booting. Though SMTP is basically used for online marketing purposes, it ensures the smooth and effective delivery of emails. If any feedback is generated that is brought back by it. It avoids spamming and uses cloud technology to avoid network conjunction if any. Thus, with 3G and 4G network it will make the emailing experience fast and result oriented.

Guest Author: Roger Grant, aged 24 yrs, is an expert of mass mailing services and has good knowledge about SMTP server. He is working for more than 3 years in this field. He is also a passionate tech blogger who likes to write about latest technology and applications in the field of smart phones and gadgets. His article highlights the different advantages of new Samsung Galaxy S4 in emailing and how SMTP is compatible with it. To know more about his write-ups, you can connect with him on G+, Twitter & Facebook


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