Cellphones1024x682The latest stat shows 52% of Australians own a smart phone and this statistic is reflected in most developed countries around the world. Of this Australians with a smart phone, 69% use apps on them showing that as a developed nation, we are spending more and more time on our mobile devices. Long gone are the days of using a phone for calls or SMS only!

So what impact does this have on business? Say 15 years ago, the internet and websites in particular changed the way businesses did business. All of a sudden a company could show case its products, location, info, staff and FAQ (the list is virtually endless) to anyone at anytime, anywhere in the world. The next evolution of this type of accessibility to your business is obviously mobile technology.

Apps can be a simple static showcase that can be a portfolio of work or products, or they can be highly interactive allowing customers to buy online, check their accounts and see new products. The level of user functionality really depends on the type of business and what information you are trying to relay to your customer base.

Essentially an app can offer your current or potential new clients a large range of features, really depending on your own preference. But why is this so important? The significance of apps for business is two fold. Firstly, an app can offer functionality far beyond that of a website. Even the best mobile optimized websites don’t really look that great on a mobile device and even the good ones still lack functions. For looks and functionality apps win hands down. Secondly, people carry their phones every where, and i mean every where. So this means you can reach your customers any time and anywhere. Further to that, attracting new clients by getting them to download your app (say via a QR code) means that the app is now on their device. No forgetting names, phone numbers or web addresses. Once the app is installed, if it is functional and well designed, it is unlikely a user will uninstall it.

So apps have clear advantages beyond that of a website. So how does a business enter the world of mobile app development? Firstly, have a clear idea of what you want and what you want it to achieve. The next step is contact a reputable mobile app developer with good experience. An experienced developer should be able to understand your concept and put it into a proposal that you can understand. Skynett Software Engineering pride themselves on developing apps ranging from a basic idea to a fully fledged designed app. Understanding how your customer thinks and what they want in their mobile app is paramount to creating a successful project. Skynett understand this is critical and make this a major focus of their customer service.

If your business is ready to enter the mobile revolution, contact Skynett at http://www.skynett.com.au and see what they can do for you and your business.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com