You have an amazing game idea, but no idea how to get started. Get step-by-step instructions on how to finally make your game! You might have the next big hit!


This looks like a great crowdsourced project that needs support! Here is what the Kickstarter is about.

We want to create an online course that teaches you how to make your own games for iPhone and Android using Unity 3D! Our course will combine high quality screencasts and interactive time with the development team, which will be recorded and put online for others to buy in the future. This class is for the creative person who has a vision! The person who wants to make a game but has no idea how to start! You can be a coder, an artist or game designer- it doesn’t matter! We will show you how to build a strong team and give you the directions the team will need to make your vision happen!

Why Is This Class So Special? Most video game classes focus on one thing, like game design or coding. What they lack is how to put it all the components together- how to actually make a game! We have the outline of what the class will cover, but sometimes explanations of things that are very natural to us in game development can be overlooked. So another unique aspect of the class is this: depending on your “backer” status you will be able to ask questions specific to your own project, potentially helping you pass major roadblocks as you are making your own game! Listen to Jacob Stevens, founder of Riverman Media LLC on what he thinks about this Kickstarter!

His game recently made METACRITIC.COM (s) top 10 mobile games for 2012 (this means his game is legit!). See the PRO DEVELOPER Backer Reward for more info on how you can get mentor time with Riverman Media! Below is a video review of Pizza vs Skeletons!

Do I Need to Know How to Program? No. You need the vision, the game idea! We would tell you the same thing if you asked,”Do you need to know how to animate or make sound effects?” The answer is no. We will show you which people you’ll need on your team, and even give you the places to find them! We’ll also give you a checklist of all the components necessary to make your game. But let’s get real for a moment, if you do know how to program or make art or music- that’s one less person to find for your team!

So are you interested to learn more? If so check out the link below, ask questions and if you like what you see support the effort! Don’t let this opportunity pass you or anyone else by!

By Techwacky

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