tankbotTankbot is just not any usual remote controlled tank instead it features the advanced technology of optical navigation. Tankbot has an ability to drive casually around any surroundings without perpetually bumping with things. It has 3 different modes of control which demonstrate the incredible ability of Tankbot.
  • First mode of control – It is a touchless mode of navigation, where Tankbot can drive around confronting the objects and also the navigating systems.
  • Second mode of control – It allows Tankbot to roam freely without any objections, going where it wish to with the flashing lights as well as the sound making which seem to have mind of their own.
  • Third mode of control – It utilises iDeskPet, which is a Universal Remote and it allows you to control Tankbot manually from your cell phone. Moreover, you may even use such a mode to perform the time-trials round the obstacle course, and bump in the ankles of people or just be sure that Tankbot keeps up well with you also when you are walking.

Why should you buy DeskPets TankBot App?

Now, the question which generally strikes your mind is that why should you buy this TankBot? So, below mentioned are few reasons which will certainly help you to answer this question.
  • It has 3 modes of control which demonstrate the exclusive feature of Tankbot.
  • It offers cute design along with light-up eyes having sounds which offers Tankbot with great personality.
  • The iDeskPet Universal Remote is an excellent thing which works with the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and various others Android phones.
  • It even has the Flip-out USB connector which lets you to charge it at your home, at your school or even at work.
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Wonderful and stylish appearance

From their bright and highly expressive eyes to tiny tire tracks, the Tankbot is well designed which has an ability to appeal with its wonderful and stylish appearance. You will instantly fall for Tankbot, since it whirrs and beeps its way all around your office and home. Tankbot is definitely a pet which you have always wished to own, but do not want to clean it after. It is even available with the Flip-out USB connector which permits you to charge it at any place where USB connectivity is available. This USB connector is available on the back side of TankBot. This connector gets connected with your computer or laptop and in just few minutes you can charge your TankBot. Moreover you can also use it without your mobile phone, but it needs iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any other Android device.

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