15390Music should be able to be enjoyed anywhere at any time that a person desires to listen to it and share it with others. SpeakerBall makes this possible with better sound clarity than most internal speakers built in to mobile devices tend to offer.  Not only is the clarity of sound better, but there is also a volume control to make the music louder if the listener or listeners so choose.  This is all made possible with the simplicity of Bluetooth technology that allows the devices like mobile phones and tablets to connect directly with the SpeakerBall.  This portable, convenient, and effective sound system has many features that make it an excellent choice for music lovers on the go.

SpeakerBall is not just about sharing music, though.  This device is also an excellent tool when having to do a teleconference in a mobile setting.  The enhanced sound clarity and volume that is offered by SpeakerBall will allow the meeting to flow seamlessly.  The built-in microphone that is a part of this sound system will allow full communication effortlessly and seamlessly.  Conversations become more clear and crisp which makes communication that much easier in a mobile setting.  Now the office can be anywhere and the party after the workday can have music, no matter the location.

SpeakerBall is also available in a variety of colors to fit any personality or taste.  The rechargeable battery keeps things truly wireless, allowing music and communication anywhere.  Volume control, and song selection can all be controlled remotely through the SpeakerBall, to allow for ease of use that is hard to match.  The Bluetooth connection can work with most Bluetooth compatible devices including tablets, cell phones, laptop and notebook computers.  This means that one sound system can now work for multiple devices, adding versatility to the mix with no need for special docks or connectors.

Music is meant to be enjoyed anywhere. The portable, Bluetooth-enabled SpeakerBall answers to this call of duty.  Between its Bluetooth compatibility with a variety of devices, and the optional AUX-In, it could be said, “one SpeakerBall fits all.”  This versatility certainly adds value to the already impressive features offered.  The only true question will be: which color do you want your new portable SpeakerBall speaker to be?

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com