ProductGram_PortraitProductgram, the app for selling stuff easily and socially, is here and has started reserving names. The site shows big numbers in username reservations, so you might want to get your before it’s too late.

The iPhone app is going live on the App Store soon. The premise is simple: sell something just by taking a picture of it. The app makes sure the picture looks great through filters and image processing. And also, it pushes it to social networks and marketplaces simultaneously. It even creates a personal store right on your Facebook profile, and on the web, at a address.

Productgram makes easy to sell. Think of all the stuff at home you don’t use, and you still have sitting there because selling online is a pain in the neck. The app can easily sell everywhere with a couple of taps, right from your iPhone, and pushing to all of your social graph and the web.


By Techwacky

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