impfmThere is no doubt that the magnitude level of entertainment industry including film, movies, music, and show business is gradually increasing day-by-day. Persistent growth is an indicator of a healthy business, that’s why involving yourself in an entertainment industry is definitely an excellent choice. Yet, when business is growing, we cannot deny the fact that everyone wants a piece of assurance. We all know that entertainment companies are home of the most high-tech facilities and equipment as well as high-paying jobs especially among its talents. Several states in the USA already began competing when it comes to this kind of business as they found entertainment industry a big business for everyone. Since entertainment industry is a big business concern, expect to acquire best investment and job opportunities.

One of the most popular entertainment companies today is the Impact Future Media. This company specializes in improvement, integration, marketing, production and development of such governed properties in the entertainment industry. Impact future Media is founded by entertainment industry professional Francois Garcia along with  a team of veterans in Finance , film production and distribution along with strategic partners for the betterment of their company. Their mission is to bring innovative and creative ideas to the consumer and as well as to entertainment world.

Impact Future Media has their offices and branches in, Montreal and Los Angeles.

Impact Future media is able to capitalize and promote the real image of entertainment industry to the public through creative and strategic partnerships with other major entertainment companies. The major objective of Impact Future Media is to make quality, transparent and commercialized viable end-products of entertainment engaging with the public’s welfare.


Recent company’s major announcement was the unveiling of their three major fresh entertainment assets which are; Running in The Background “The Official John McAfee Story ” Film, Documentary and Book , about one of the biggest manhunts in recent history while software tycoon escaped from Belize

High On Tuna (a prequel of Blow Starring Johnny Depp) portraying the life of Drug smuggler  Boston George

“Flatrock” an animated series written and created by Ian Federov. It is a fresh and unique look of animation in television that talks about prison life.

Operation Journey , This is the true autobiography of a confidential informant and the dedicated law enforcement officers who helped him stay alive, in one of the deadliest business environments on earth.

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