PN-L702BThe amazing LED-LCD Aquos display boards from Sharp USA provide eye-catching power to communicate with full HD images and brilliant color you expect from a Sharp display product.

These boards can be used in a wide variety of functions, and are a multipurpose business tool. As a digital whiteboard, users can create plans, mark up existing documents, highlight topics, and then export the board contents for printing, save to file, or e-mail or other digital distribution. The 60” and 70” boards contain multiple infrared sensors, with optical imaging on the 80” board for accuracy in detecting touch points.

Conducting presentations, webinars and video conferences with the included Sharp Pen Software becomes easy and interesting. These boards can also be used as an interactive signage monitor for way finding and other applications.

The Sharp Pen Software is compatible with Windows® 7 and can import Microsoft® Office® documents such as PowerPoint® files. Its interface is simple to use and allows the user to use either a finger or the pen to expand and shrink images, open and close documents or print and save what is on the board. An easy to use tool bar where a variety of drawing options can be selected with a simple tap on the icon.

These Sharp Aquos displays are also ideal for indoor commercial displays. The bright, vivid high-contrast HD color will grab the attention of passersby in environments such as hotel lobbies, airport walkways and waiting areas, conference areas and retail locations. The boards are 24/7 certified for continuous use, and are reliable and durable.

The Sharp Aquos boards can be purchased alone or accessories can be added, such as the PN-ZB01 Expansion board for the PN-L602B and PN-L702B digital displays or the rolling cart floor stand. Packages can also be purchased from for additional savings.

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