home organization apps1. Evernote (Free)

Evernote is certainly not a home organization specific app. It’s not even designed with something like that in mind, but, this is its greatest strength: this simple but extraordinarily powerful app is so versatile that you can not only use it to note down every conceivable bit of information relating to keeping your home well maintained, you can also expand outwards from there and keep track of anything else you need to schedule or keep in mind during your daily life.

With Evernote, you can make notes, take pictures, capture shots of interesting websites –say sites with home decorating or organizing ideas—and save them all as snippets inside an app that lets you categorize and search across all this information quickly and easily. Best of all, it’s also capable of searching for text inside photos and screen captures and it can synchronize anything you save inside it across multiple devices for quick and easy reference on the go.

2. Photo Manager Pro ($2.99)

How many of us have hundreds or even thousands of family photos scattered across our computers, phones, camera memories and homes in the form of actual physical photographs? For many households, all these pictures eventually become a large, endlessly delayed hassle that never gets sorted through despite its importance as a powerful source of nostalgia.

This is where photo Manager Pro comes in. This handy app lets you instantly aggregate together every picture you’ve sent or scanned to any given device and categorize all of these images based on importance or just about any other criteria. You can then search by geotag, keywords, genre or anything else. Additionally, images can be separated into folders with different levels of privacy and also quickly uploaded to numerous social media pages. Photo Manager won’t get rid of the work involved in actually getting your images to it, but once there, sorting them all has just become 10 times easier.

phone apps3. Any.DO (Free)

Any.DO is a fairly simple and straightforward list making application that lets you set up to-do lists on the fly. Seems pretty basic, but in this case, the magic of Any.DO lies in the fact that it digitizes the formerly messy scribbling process of noting lists down on paper or scattering them across a bunch of different electronic documents and calendars. The stylish and simple interface of this little list making app lets you quickly prepare the things you need to do, synchronize these notes across devices and get reminders for upcoming stuff.

Other features include a completely intuitive design and voice recognition system for letting you make notes without the hassle of typing them in. Home organization invariably depends on lists and Any.DO is the solution for creating them.

4. Epicurious (Free)

If you’ve ever wanted a recipe for anything while right in the middle of grocery shopping or as you’re rooting through your fridge, then Epicurious is completely your tool! This extremely handy app contains over 30,000 recipes for everything from desserts to drinks to full course dinner meals right at the tip of your hand be it through your iPad, iPhone or Android device of any kind. The Epicurious app even comes preloaded right into certain touch screen interface enabled Samsung refrigerators.

Giving you access to 30,000+ recipes is just a part of what Epicurious can do: it also lets you search for meal ideas based on keywords, ingredients at hand and anything you might be curious about at the market. Easy sharing of food ideas across social media accounts and email is another useful feature.

5. BillMinder (Free)

Financial planning and household budgeting are two major parts of what keeps your home running smoothly. With BillMinder, doing these sorts of tasks has never been easier. This extremely powerful little app lets you gather all your monthly bills together organize them under its interface and run every household payment straight from there from then on.

Notifications about due dates make sure that you never forget a single bill payment before its becomes past due and a handy, security protected auto-pay feature even lets you take care of certain payments right from the app itself.  Additionally, BillMinder lets you collect data about all of your spending habits through a series of handy charts and graphs, then use it all to maintain a precise, and balanced, monthly spending plan.

6. Home Inventory ($19.99)

Much pricier than the rest of the apps on this list, home inventory is an app that not only lets you organize every major item in your home into an inventoried list, it can also be a total lifesaver during the hopefully unlikely case of a disaster or theft insurance claim filing.

What Home Inventory does is create an easy to use, detailed listing of all the purchased items you have in your house. You can sort things like furniture, electronics, art and almost anything else of value by photographs, descriptions, serial/model numbers or other categories of your own choosing. You can also create detailed descriptions of each item and upload photos of identifying features and ownership documents like receipts.

Like we said, perfect for keeping track of things during an insurance claim or after a burglary.

7. LifeTopix ($1)

This app is basically a mix of several different organization tools all rolled into one single user friendly package. With LifeTopix, there is almost no limit to the size and scope of things you can do when it comes to coordinating activities, making to-do lists and keeping track of valuable information like medical bills, household expenses, travel plans or practically anything at all.

The LifeTopix interface is divided into several different sections that let you divide all your home related digital organization based on type, task or data format. Moving into the different categories, you can specifically organize coupons, events, bills, itineraries and so many other things that it’s hard to describe them all here. Additionally, the apps lets you update your entire organizational roster to cloud services or share parts of it to social media or another mobile device for easy coordination with family members.

If you decide to go for just one home organization or self storage app for your iPad or smart phone, get LifeTopix.


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