alternative_to_evite_bannerEvite has been a popular invitation tool for some time now. It allows the user to send cute invitation emails to guests. However, with its focus on party invitations, it is not ideal for more serious events, and nor does it meet the needs of a group with recurring events.

Perhaps you organize a social business club that meets every two months; or maybe a book club, or a weekly game of cards or basketball. For a group that meets regularly, the issue is tracking who will be attending rather than finding the right picture for the invitation. I’m sure you don’t see yourself sifting through a library of cartoon images for your invitation.

This is where you need an alternative to Evite.

Whoozin is that alternative to Evite and is the best free RSVP tool on the web! Whoozin does not come with a library of designer backgrounds because its main focus is towards clubs, groups and professional organizations. In other words, recurring events or large group events.

The method of sending an electronic invitation to a Whoozin recipient is the same as for Evite and all RSVP tools… it uses email. What makes Whoozin stand apart from the other solutions is the ability to create groups or communities- whose members can instantly be invited to a newly-created event. The advantage of having Groups is the ability to deploy invitations consistently for recurring events… like for your Friday Night Poker or your monthly Book Club Meeting. Contrast that to Evite, which works on a per-event basis, meaning you will have to create separate invitations for each of your recurring events.

Whoozin can be used for “One-off” events such as a wedding shower or big corporate party. Whoozin is a simple clean cut tool that just gets the job done without requiring the user to sift through hundreds of categories and images. Create your one-off event on Whoozin by entering the event details (what, when, where, etc.), uploading any required documents (such as a map or agenda),and then adding your invitees, each of whom will receive a link to the Whoozin Event page where they can RSVP.

Whoozin is not only function specific, but it also provides an ad-free environment for a pleasant user experience and it’s free to use. Start an account today and have access to all of its features such as, Group creation, Event Creation, Poll Creation and mobile web application interface.


Evite likes to advertise to you.

Whoozin is all about the user experience.

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Whoozin also provides a mobile app experience for your recipients


Guest Article written by: Bruce Canales, Brandana Marketing Solutions

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