This article is about the important things that you must keep in mind while designing an app for the iPhone. There are things that you must take care of because unless your app fits all the specifications, it will not get accepted by the iTunes gallery for distribution.

IPhone application development is a field that is growing at an unprecedented rate. Everyone is drawn to the device because of its beauty and interface. The iPhone is known to be the most popular kind of device ever.

As they keep updating the device, a newer and better model is introduced frequently. The growing demand of the device has in turn led to a high rise in the demand for iPhone app creators.

However, the iPhone is not Open source. This means that when an iPhone app maker makes an app, he must get prior permission from Apple in order to get his app distributed to the people. Apple is notorious for its stringent rules.

One must take care of a few things if he wants to get his app featured in the iTunes gallery.


This is the first thing that one must take care of. The app must be original. There are so many apps today in the market that the world can do without another clone. Create an original app such that has features which are actually unique and helpful. Originality doesn’t stop at the look and feel. The purpose of the app too must be original so that it encourages more people to download it.

Patronize the iPhone

Now who doesn’t like a bit of patronization. Patronize the iPhone by using its features to the most. Every new device comes with a few unique specifications. You must make use of them in order to make a more intriguing app. For example you can use new gestures to ensure that your app attracts maximum visitors. You can use various gestures or tilting movements on the iPhone to make the app do a particular action.

Look and Feel

Although I have put this as the third point, it is practically the first thing that a user sees in the app before using or downloading it. In order to make the most of the app, you must ensure that the app is very attractive. Use the colours wisely and ensure that your design corroborates with the purpose. Embrace not so quirky colours because they strain the eyes and the user can’t engage on it for very long.

Trends and vogue

Trends guide the market phenomenon greatly. The most important thing to do before developing an app is to understand and appreciate the trends. You must understand what drives the market. What is it that maximum numbers of people are moving towards? Chose these topics to create a site.

Minimalism is Key

Minimalism is the new Mantra for the success of an Application. Use only the basic requirements. The screen of a cell phone is really small compared to the desktop. This is why you must incorporate only the least of visual stimuli. The more you add in the display the lesser will it facilitate focus.

The basic agenda of minimalism is to create a design that helps in reducing the clutter so that all the attention gets focused around the main theme or the central element of the website.

Function before form

Never hide the functionality of an app underneath its design. The design is meant to help in completing the real function of the app. If you make a design that doesn’t work that way, then you will only pull your customer further away from the app. More and more people will stop using it because it will not be interesting and helpful.

User Interface

User Interface is what will determine how well a customer will receive your product. People may download your app because it looks great and promises function, however, how long will they use it, whether they will upgrade it, how well is it designed for customer satisfaction, will all be determined on the basis of the kind of User Interface you keep on your app.

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