Today, many people are searching for ways to bring their work on the road and stay productive while they travel. Online file storage and sharing services finally make that possible. They’re an appealing alternative to USB external hard drives that can often break or become lost. Read on to find out how you can stay connected to technology, yet untethered while you see the world.

Stay on Task

Fortunately, you can still handle your deliverables even if you’re across the country from your coworkers. Choose to either upload your files via a desktop platform or online interface so you can transfer them via your own laptop, or while you sit in an Internet cafe. Sometimes, your superiors might be resistant to the idea of you traveling while there’s work to be done at home. However, when you use a reliable file storage system to upload your projects and presentations for your coworkers to see, you’ll prove that it’s possible for you to meet deadlines even in the face of differing time zones or countries.

Lighten your Load

Whether you’re traveling to the next town, or across the world, it’s a relief if you can tote around everything you need without feeling overburdened. When you use an online service to upload and share your files, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you can access your files from wherever you are without having to bring along extra computer gear in your luggage.

Find Places to Connect

There are several iPad and iPhone apps that enable you to find Internet access by zip code, country or city. Although it’s a good idea to have a list of places that you can go online before you leave your home country. These apps fit with the spirit of spontaneous decisions. If you decide to take a quick trip to a neighboring country during your usual travels, you can quickly find out where you can get online with just a few swipes of your fingertip.

Communicate with Coworkers

Before you head out on your travels, make sure that you’re open with coworkers about where you’re going to be, and for how long. Also, try to give them an idea of when you might be online or uploading files for them to view. If you plan to use password protection for your files, ensure that anyone who also needs to view them is informed of the password in a secure manner.

Today, it’s more possible than ever to tackle your workload from almost anywhere that has an internet connection. Online file storage and sharing services let you keep all your important files in a single location so that you can view them whenever you want, and let people you work with do the same. At first, your absence from a traditional office environment might take some getting used to, but once you prove that you’ve figured out all the main necessities before your departure, you should be more able to showcase that you can thrive in a mobile workplace.

Guest Author Sisily West writes for several tech blogs and suggests learning more about how to send large files for your business needs.

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