Here is a list of ten of the most popular apps on the iPad at the moment.

1 – WordPress

This is an app for reading and updating your blog or website whilst on your iPad. You can make quick edits, or just check out your new comments. You can do most of the usual things you would want to do with WordPress.

2 – Kindle

This app allows you to purchase ebooks from Amazon. These are books that you keep but that are electronic digital versions. You can use the Kindle app to download or read them.

3 – Feeddler RSS Reader


Be in the center of events

This is an RSS reader for the iPad with a built in browser. It allows you all the privileges of an RSS feeder that you may find with a PC web browser RSS feed reader.


4 – Bloomberg

Always up to date

This app gives you all of the latest business news including things such as stocks and share prices and currency rates.

5 – Beatwave

This allows you to create musical tunes on your iPad by simply pressing the grid on the screen. You can create different musical scores using different sounds and musical instruments.

6 – Find my iPhone

Always in touch with your device

This is an app that can be added to any Apple product. It allows you to locate you apple items if they are turned on. If they are turned on you may also activate a remote locking system or activate an instruction for the device to wipe its hard drive.

7 – Dragon Dictation

This is a Dictaphone app which allows you to record voice messages. It is also a voice control device for your iPad, which allows you to send instructions to your iPad in your own voice.

8- Twitter

The Twitter app is another popular app which simply allows you access to this particular social media and its functions.

9 – App Shopper

All applications for Apple in one place

This is an app which holds a catalogue of other apps that you can buy from the Apple store instead of visiting the website.

10 – Adobe Photoshop Express

This app offers you some of the things that the larger PC version offers. It is a photo shopping app for use on your iPad.


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