The functionality of the iPhone is owed to the dynamism of its apps. These apps can support all types of activities, from an active lifestyle to basic entertainment and leisure.

So if you are a mother with great vigor for household duties or just a home buddy keen on housekeeping, here are six apps which can be used for your iPhone or your iPad for a better home and a healthier lifestyle.


Whole Food Market Recipes

If you are strictly into a healthy living diet, this app can list down various recipes depending on whichever nutrients you are targeting to reduce or increase intake. You also have an option to key in specific ingredients, and the app will automatically pull up recipes where your requested ingredients are all present.

All Recipes’ Dinner Spinner

Dinner Spinner by contains myriads of recipes that can be filtered based on how you will set these three criteria: type of meal or dish, preferred main ingredient, and estimated cooking time. The recipes which will be listed are also rated on how accurate the procedure is and what experience other users have for it.


Gardening How-To

This app was created by the North American Media Group to support avid subscribers of the biggest gardening magazine, National Home Gardening Club. It contains tips and tricks for efficient gardening within the convenience of your iPad.

Landscaper’s Companion

If you have taken particular interest with greenery and landscaping or you are a struggling landscaper yourself, this app can provide you accurate and up-to-date information on more than 20,000 species of plants and vegetables.

As if it is a Facebook version for plants, this app assigns a profile to a particular plant. Once viewed, the profile includes that plant’s favorable habitat, growth rate, moisture and sunlight needs, physical characteristics, and practical uses.

Home Improvement


Living up to its name, Tap4RENOVATIONS is your handy directory that lists home contractors nearest your home. It provides up-to-date and complete contact information if you need professional help for your house renovation or construction. The contacts are indexed according to purpose. such as construction services, utilities installment, appliances experts and more.

Colorsnap, Sherwin Williams Paint Selector

Through Colorsnap, you can easily choose your desired paint color for your most recent renovation ideas, without having to drive to your nearest paint shop. Colorsnap features paint products availed at Sherwin Williams.

You can take a photo of the object you want to paint—a wall, a chair, the floor, the ceiling and more. From a color palette, you can mix or select whichever color you desire and preview how it looks like on the object before deciding for or against it.

Do you have more home and lifestyle apps to suggest? Share it. And look at how many people will benefit on your helpful insight!


Guest Author Rod Tolentino is a musician and a marketing consultant for Repair Labs and Fix-iPhones ,   the leading source of iPhone and iPad accessories and repair tips.

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