Everyone seems to be waiting for the launch of the new iPhone or as some people is already calling it, the iPhone 5. And it seems the wait is finally over. This news story/article gives readers an idea of when it is finally going to be launched. Call it what you will, the iPhone 5 or the New iPhone, the wait for it is now over or so we think, as there are all chances that the New iPhone will be released on September 21 or some date thereabouts.  Can this be said with any assurance? Well, the fact is, everything is in the realms of speculations currently, but these speculations now have a better chance of getting at the truth.

According to well established sources in the mobile industry, whose predictions are based on facts or shall we say “true rumors’, there are all chances that the new iPhone 5, will be unveiled in the first or second week of September, but if we take Apple’s annual product launch cycle into consideration, the second week of September looks like a better bet. Remember, the iPhone 4S was launched in October last year.

Verizon, the carrier that is going to offer the iPhone 5, has asked its entire staff not to take a holiday between September 21 and the 30th. So, if we put two and two together, there is a good chance that something big is afoot and industry watchers believe, things are being set up for the release of the new iPhone. Now, of course all these are rumors and the ‘vacation’ bit as well as the ‘ iPhone’s unveiling’ can only be attributed to “anonymous sources’ for now, but there is also no doubt that the time for the next version of the iPhone is very near at hand.

So, get set as the long wait finally will be over soon enough. All those “Is this the new iPhone Design”, ‘Will the New iPhone be built with liquid metal technology” kind of news doing the rounds will in a very short time be replaced by “ This is what the new iPhone has in store for the user”, “ Here’s why you should get your hands on the new iPhone”.

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