I was very excited to use a virtual keyboard but my experience of typing on this keyboard is bad…There are some virtual keyboards which may be less bad but the ultimate experience is ‘all are bad’. Why use these bad keyboards? Well, the virtual keyboards are used so that we access a larger screen of the phones. That’s the sole reason why keyboards are the greatest selling accessories for tablets and iPads.

Is it painful for you to use the virtual keyboard anyway? Kickstarter has brought a solution for you – Journo, the pocketable keyboard. Although this keyboard is not new, but it was surely missing from mobile world.

Journo Keyboard – Experience Great Typing 

This keyboard is like a laptop keyboard having physical buttons. You can connect this gadget with any device through Bluetooth. Lock the various pieces once you have unfolded it and it is ready to be typed on a flat surface. Since it is pocketable, don’t think that typing is restricted – you can type anything with this keyboard.

Journo has a rechargeable battery which can serve you for a month. Open up the stand for your phone or tablet and will readily be presented with the material you needed for writing instant messages and long emails. Are you eager to use this folding keyboard from Kickstarter? Just wait for a few days! It will be available to you on its launching day itself.


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By Techwacky

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