There are a lot of apps available for download. A majority of them are for free. You can load your Android devise with such apps. However, one of the problems with free apps is annoying advertisements that come with the app and limited services and features that they offer. You can also shell out a few dollars to purchase apps for your Android phone. A few of the best paid Android apps have been discussed.

App name: Word Lens App


This is a translator app that translates signs and text for you in real time. Download this app and flash your Android device on the image or text you wish to translate from one language into another. In real time, you will see the translated version of the sign on your Android phone. This app has a built in dictionary and uses optical character recognition technology to translate from one language into another. However, this app is good at translating limited amount of copy only. You can flash your Android device on the sign you wish to translate and have the translated version of the same on your phone in a flash.


App name: SwiftKey Keyboard App


This app that uses natural language technology is regarded as one of the easiest ways to type. SwiftKey app outsmarts the keyboard in terms of performing corrections and predictions while typing. This app goes a step ahead and learns from the way you type. It analyses your word typing style and predicts words for you. This sounds like magic, but this is the way this app works. This makes typing an easy task for you. If you wish to save the time and effort while typing, you can purchase this app. This app comes in two beautiful new themes for your keyboard.


App name: Angry Bird Space Premium App


If you like to kill free time playing games on your Android device, you can download Angry Bird Space Premium app. This app is made up of beautifully detailed backgrounds, around 60 interstellar levels, brand new birds, zero gravity space adventures and hidden bonus levels. A giant claw kidnaps the birds’ egg. In this chase, the angry birds, land in a galaxy through a wormhole. They find themselves floating in an all new galaxy. The angry birds’ possess strange powers and they have to solve puzzles.


App name: Antivirus Pro App


If the security and safety of your Android phone is on your mind, you can download this app. With this app you can locate your lost or stolen phone with Google Maps. This app is your one stop protection against malware, virus, spyware and malicious apps. With this app, you can monitor the mobile packed data usage of your Android phone.  Antivirus Pro scans all apps, files and settings of your Android phone in real time. It kills tasks that pull down the performance speed of your Android phone. With this app your online identity is also protected while you use the internet on your Android mobile phone. Purchase this app and experience safe and secure internet surfing.


App name: BetterBatteryStats App

You can make the best of your Android phone’s battery by analyzing its behavior. Download the BetterBatteryStats app and you will become aware why the battery of your phone drains out fast. Having identified the problem, you can take corrective actions. With this app you can also detect profile changes and fix them.

There are many apps for the Android platform that you can purchase.


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