iPhone 4 VS Samsung Galaxy S2 infographic

Many people doubt whether they would take an iPhone 4 or a Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II). Both phones are considered as super-smart phones. Samsung S Galaxy II is by far the most powerful competitor to the iPhone 4. Galaxy S2 bagged 3 million orders, even before it’s launch. Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100 GT) is built on a 4.3-inch screen and dual-core processor, 2X faster than the iPhone with a whooping 1GB RAM. The specifications are quite tempting and indulgent users, but the big question is, ” is it better then iphone 4? ” In the following infographic we give back whats the main differences between the two devices.


It was clear that the iPhone 4 has a lot to have a rival now, one of which Samsung Galaxy S2. Galaxy S2 faster, thinner, and more power to take pictures and videos and have a wide screen. But whether Apple could be lost? Not really because Apple is preparing the launch of the iPhone 5 for this year, although exact specifications are still unknown, at least the iPhone 5 will be more suitable when juxtaposed with the Samsung Galaxy S2. Let’s hope the launch is not delayed due to the pain Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. It seems for now the choice is still falling into the Galaxy Samsung S2 between the two phone. Just wait for further development, if Apple makes a new breakthrough for the umpteenth time.

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