Much of all what we predicted about the new iPods in our earlier post has come out to be true, except for the rumor that claimed that iPod Touch would get a camera module.


Though we are pleased to see that Apple has made a fine improvement to the iPod Nano and its something that makes this little thing, bigger and better.

On the core, they have added a new camera module which takes photos and make videos on-the-go. Apart from that, Apple has added the Genius functionality to the iPod Nano, along with a FM-transmitter at last.


As for the new iPod Touch, its mostly the same at the guts, except that it will now be available in storage capacity up to 64GB and the 32GB and 64GB models will have support for OpenGL for better Graphics and performance, its faster and better.

And for the pricing, the 8GB model of the iPod Touch will now be available for only $199.

By Techwacky

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