Invisible stuff has always been seen in movies and cartoons, but an artist Sara Watson of University of Central Lancashire has got this fantasy in reality. Well, she didn’t literally made a car invisible but with the help of spray paints created an optical illusion so as to make her old Skoda Fabia invisible. This art work done by her is actually the reminiscent of the work of pavement artist Julian Beever whose work has caused a storm in central London.

Julian Beever uses a camera lens to look at the stretch of pavement he is working on and visualize the picture. He then plots a drawing which will play tricks on the way in which our minds ‘read’ perspective to create an impression of depth on the flat surface of the paving stones. Among his other works he has created a deep swimming pool realistic enough that shoppers swerve to avoid it, chalked on the street.

I am really impressed by Sara Watson, because creating such an art piece is not an easy task. Maybe one day we might see her doing some pavement on the streets of London.

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