For all those who didn’t buy PSP or PS3 because of their high cost, here is a good news. The rumor started with a price drop of PS3 and now PSP has also joined in. With consumer spending on electronics declining during recession time, manufactures are forced to cut prices.

It is believed that Sony has informed its retailers that a price cut of PS3 from $399 to $300 may happen soon. However nothing officially is announced yet. While Sony is gearing up for the launch of PSP – 2 this price-cut is most likely to clear out the stocks of older PSPs. If you are willing to buy one of the two, and are ready to wait some time to save some 50-100$ then these rumors are definitely worth giving a try.

Also rumored that if not a price cut; Sony would sell 80GB PS3 @$399 itself with Resistance: FoM and Motorstorm bundled.


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