Get your Free Google Profile Card

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Google wants you to publicize your Google Profile at the same time entice someone to make a Google Profile, which is why they have teamed up with to offer free Google Profile Business Card. First 10000 people who claim this offer will get a set of 25 cards that shows homepage with your name in the search box and your Google Profile URL beneath in green. Like this:


This offer is only available to residents of continental US, and you need to create an account or login to an existing account to place your order.

Even though I don’t live in US, it tried logging into my Google Profile but the offer wasn’t available. Turns out that you need to make your profile visible to public to avail this offer. Link: (You’ll get a 404 error, if your profile is not publicly visible)

iPhone OS 3.0 improves camera clarity?

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Many beta testers, developers and excited iPhone fans have their hands on the iPhone OS 3.0 already. A lot has been revealed/rumored about the upcoming features in the iPhone(s) that is expected to be announced at WWDC 09.

A camera upgrade is certain in nextgen iPhone, however it seems that loading OS 3.0 on your 2G or 3G iPhones improves image quality and reduces blur. The pic above is posted by, and we can clearly see the difference between the clarity of a snap taken from the iPhone firrmware 2.2.1 and 3.0. More iPhone News

iPhone game developers accused of racism

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The 99 cent iPhone game Pocket God is believed to be racist by the Pacific Women’s Information Network. The group believes that the games lets iPhone users to torture and kill Pacific Islanders.

“How do you think people would react if you created a game where you were God and you could create and kill as many Mexicans as you wanted? Or Asians?” said Elaine Howard, one of the group’s members, “People would be outraged. I hope you don’t decide to advertise your application in New Zealand or Australia because you will get a backlash of the same intensity.”

The no. 5 ranked application on the Apple’s most paid app’s developers, Bolt Creative, issued an apology saying “Bolt Creative does not intend and has never intended to offend or marginalize any nationality, race, or culture in any of its video games, including Pocket God,”

Now, when these application builders have multiple races working for the development of an application and target multiple races as their customers, would they really intend to target a race with their application? Let us know in the comments.

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Google becomes world’s most valuable brand

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After replacing the word ’search’ completely from the minds of all almost all the internet users, Google is now the World’s most valuable brand at a whooping $100bn brand value. Millward Brown, a marketing research company, crowned Google at the top position on the list of Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

The immediate followers of Google are Microsoft, at $76 bn, followed by Coca-Cola at $67bn.

Joanna Seddon, chief executive at Millward Brown Optimor, said  “In the current environment, where the value of many businesses has fallen, brand has become even more important because it can help to sustain companies in tough times,”

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iPhone developers planning to sue Apple over delayed payments?

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Despite the success of the App Store, iPhone developers haven’t had the smoothest of journey in the past year. Developers have time and again protested against Apple’s appstore approval process. But what is frustrating some developers at the moment is the delayed payments from Apple. While Apple’s contract with the developers assures them payout in 45 days after the month end,  some developers have claimed non payment since Sept / Nov 2008.

In recession time (otherwise aswell) we believe that cash rich companies like Apple should make extra attempts to pay their partners / developers timely. Apple recently celebrated successful sales of 1 billion Apps via the AppStore, but the people behind the development of these wonderful apps are hurt. The situation has gone so far for these developers that they are threating legal action against Apple for these delayed payments.

Me too I’m afraid. They owe me 1,000’s and some of us have families and houses to pay for  :( [iPhone Developers Forum]

Apple certainly has thousands of apps and developers to take care of and it would certainly make sense for them to improve the payout system to accommodate this traffic. Hope things go peacefully and we keep seeing some amazing apps on the iTunes AppStore.

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Windows 7 to be released on 23rd October, 2009: Acer

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Thanks to a slip up by Acer UK while announcing the Acer Z5600 PC (specially designed for Windows 7) the official release date of Win7 is confirmed as 23rd October 2009 (as rumored by us way back in 2008). Also confirmed that all Vista purchases 30 days prior to Windows7 release shall be elligible for a free upgrade.

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