iTunes is bringing in a change in the pricing strategy from Apr 7. Originally it was suppossed to launch on Apr 1. But apple knwos that you have lots of friends who are going to fool you on the ‘Fools Day’. So they just decided that they’ll do it some other day.

The new pricing strategy says that the popular songs would cost $1.29 and the not so popular songs would cost 69 cents, everything else lieing in between. The popular songs would mostly include the classics, chartbusters and new songs from popular artist. The not-so-popular category includes new artists and ols flops or not-so-populars as they call it.

Users still would have a better option through amazone where any song would cost $0.99. So, when people start downloading a song apparently it would become popular and its price would go up. Now that it costs $1.29, less people would download it and the song again becomes less popular. I hope it works that way. I’ll just have to wait for the song to become less popular and then buy it.

And for all those whose friends always make fun of for having a bad choice when it come to music, start feeling lucky.

‘$1.29 per popular song’ – no wonder the piracy industry earns millions even in recession.

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