10316-iphone3new1 The newly awaited iPhone 3.0 operating system which is for the iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod touch has just been unveiled at Apple’s conference today.

iPhone 3.0 OS New Features

So what’s new in the latest 3.0 operating system, well there are over a 100 new features which is pretty darn amazing don’t you think, I mean we all knew that it was going to be big but no this big and at last COPY & PASTE! FINALLY

Copy & Paste. You will be able to double-tap over text, and will get a “cut, copy, and paste” bubble dialog. Double-tapping again and a “paste” bubble will appear if there’s anything stored in your clipboard, which is great as we have waited long enough haven’t we!
This copy & paste feature will work across lots of applications and don’t worry if you paste something by mistake you can just shake the iPhone to erase what you just pasted, cool hu!


Copy & Paste photos. Not only can you copy & paste text you will now also be able to copy and paste photos in the latest software update. You will be able to browse through your photo album and select multiple photos by tapping the action button, copy some of them and paste them in an email, ready to send.

New Spotlight. What’s that I hear you ask, well in the new update you will now be able to search across the whole iPhone/iPod Touch, this tool will search the entire information contained in your device, no matter where. If an application has been created/written with the new spotlight feature included in its coding then it will be able to retrieve information from there too which is a great feature to have.

As you can see in this image the Spotlight feature has brought back results from your address book, maps, your iPod, and apps in your springboard.


Search in Mail, Calendar, and iPod. These Apple applications will now have a specific built-in search feature although the search feature in the mail application doesn’t yet  support the content in your emails which is pretty lame I think, it’s like the whole copy & paste feature all over again so at that rate you can expect to see it search content in update 4.0 OS LOL!


3G Tethering. This new feature will allow you to connect your Apple iPhone 3G to a laptop and use it as a modem to access the internet which is great in all but the service providers aren’t going to like it at all and in my contract for my iPhone 3G it plainly states that you can’t use your iPhone as a modem for your laptop, so I would be very careful with this feature and would advise you to contact your service provider before you use it as you won’t be too happy with a hefty bill on your door mat!

Landscape keyboard. Landscape keyboard mode will now be available in other applications like Mail and Notes.

Multimedia messaging. At last picture messaging!!! The new MMS function will allow you to include everything, from images to sound to vcards but wait! There is currently no word on video yet which would be nice but hey we can have everything can we.

Support for new calendar types. In the new 3.0 OS update you will be able to subscribe to calendars on the web using two protocols: CalDAV — supported by Google and Yahoo and subscriptions via the .ics format—which is what Apple uses in iCal.


Improved stocks application. The stocks app will now allow you to read related news about your stocks so you can enjoy yourself learning about the markets latest scandals, stock crashes, and the big fat cat bosses taking all our hard earned cash from government aid while their companies sink into hell. Gee thanks Apple! LOL There had to be one depressing thing in this update didn’t there.

Stereo Bluetooth audio. You will be able to pair your iPhone 3.0 with a stereo bluetooth device, like headphones or speakers.

Note synching with iTunes.

Automatic login in Safari. The new version of Safari will now remember login details, so you won’t need to introduce your username and password again while accessing Scoreland your work intranet.

Shake to shuffle music. If you are in your iPod application, you just need to shake it to start the shuffling mode. Hopefully this will be optional for sports people out there.

Wi-Fi auto-login. In case you have a subscription to a paid hotspot, your iPhone or iPod touch will auto log into it.

Anti-phishing. Mobile Safari now can warn you against malicious sites trying to scam you.

Extended parental controls. Adult content filters can now be applied to movies, TV shows, and applications, in addition to web sites and music.


Also in this software update apple has included some new widgets that will be installed with the update, these include,

Voice memo application. This widget obviously allows you to record voice or any other sounds that you want to record so you’ll never forget anything again.


Send and receive files. This new widget is a dedicated application to exchange files between your iPhones or iPods touches which is nice but would be better if you could share with any phone, just think you at that meeting and a college has got a file on his blackberry which you need but oh you can get it because it’s not compatible!

Overall I can’t wait for the new OS 3.0 update but some things that they are introducing are limited, WHY!!! I mean if I can think of the draw backs and see what should be done as soon as I read about the new features then why can’t the guys at apple that are fricking geniuses  think of them? Then if they were to answer that question the answer would probably something like ”We are loads of current options and improvements bla bla bla” I mean it’s not as if you can’t do it is it as you guys have done sooooo much its truly amazing!

On my closing note I love my iPhone 3G and I do love the guys over at Apple for the amazing work they do and am truthfully looking forward to the update :)

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com