TechGeek365.comIn this day and age, every nation or country is aware of the importance of cyber security. The impacts of the increasing cyber crime are huge and even all the leading and the superpower countries of the world are under the threat of cyber crime. There are more than one million web attacks on people that are happening each and every day and most of them only are aware of this after the attack has occurred. As the growth in the internet users is increasing at a very fast pace and the popularity of online banking and e-commerce business is increasing leaps and bounds, there is an increase global threat of cyber crimes that both private organizations and the governments have to face. The cyber threats can attack any country, big or small, and Lebanon is one among the countries that is a soft target for cyber crimes.

Is Lebanon under attack?

Lebanon is surely under the attack and the threat of cyber crimes. The computers that people use in Lebanon are easy targets for cyber criminals to hack and also get access to all their valid information. In fact, according to the reports by the Kaspersky Security Bulletin, Lebanon is the 10th ranked country in the world where cyber attacks are prevalent. There have been many internet users in Lebanon, whose computers have been hacked and targeted by the web attacks.

Are there steps taken to prevent cyber crimes?

There is no doubt that the Lebanese government is taking huge efforts to stop the cyber crime and looking to get rid of it from its soil. But, this is not an easy job to do and it involves proper training for the professionals to detect the security breaches and to defend against the cyber attacks. There is also dire need of funding so that the Lebanese government can take the necessary steps to educate and train a lot of professionals to prevent the cyber attacks in the future.

There also needs to be the right infrastructure in place in order to provide a conductive working environment for the professionals to do their job. The cyber security in Lebanon needs to be addressed on a war footing basis as there is no very good cyber threat detection in place in the country. It might take a company about 200 days to detect a breach in its system.

Cyber security awareness on the rise

The awareness of the cyber security is growing now in Lebanon. It is particularly the bigger establishments like educational institutions, big businesses, and hospitals that have made efforts to prevent the breach of the cyber data. The awareness about cyber attacks and security threats needs to be inculcated more into the smaller establishments and small e-commerce businesses. There are many who are offering online payment solutions without worrying about the risk of cyber threats and are not taking necessary actions to deter the cyber criminals.

The cyber security efforts have started to take place in Lebanon only in 2012 by the efforts put in by the government. Now, the non-government organizations are also looking to make the digital shores of Lebanon a secure and safe place. There are more efforts needed from the government as well as from the public side to set up the cyber security plans and efforts to stay ahead of the present cyber criminals.

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