We would all love it if the mirror we look into could be more appreciative and functional. Imagine the wonders of an interactive mirror that recognizes your face. Indeed, it seems a long known fairy tale is now reality. With facial recognition software (FGR) gaining traction as the technology to integrate into home automation it is not be too hard to imagine your wall mirror being a sophisticated screen that not only reflects your face but recognizes it as well.

MirroCool is making it a reality and bringing it to you. Being introduced as the smart mirror that knows you, it is a home automation product that is weeks away from conceptualization stage to the market. You can already pre-order it.

About the product

MirroCool harnesses the features of FGR, a proprietary and advanced technology that goes beyond the voice and touch-screen that are commonly used by the competition. The MirroCool display has integrated facial gestures recognition technology into its display. FGR can recognize up to 70 unique facial positions. These faceprints help to identify and complete different tasks and functions.

Capabilities of MirroCool, the smart mirror that knows you

With the help of Facial Gesture Recognition, and an expression as simple as smiling or winking, the smart mirror can execute different functions such as:

  • Take selfies and share them with friends
  • Display information of your choosing. Whether you want to see the time, upcoming weather, preview emails and chat messages
  • Program to showcase reminders or appointments for the day
  • Showcase current weather and traffic conditions
  • Display financial news and stock markets
  • Storage space in the mirrocloud
  • Syncs up with your smartphone with the mirroCool app
  • The registered user does not need to use his hands as with a touchscreen, and neither has to give voice commands. FGR technology activates all functions.

Wojtek Kaszycki, the CEO of this San Francisco-based business venture said to TechWacky, “MirroCool is a necessary productivity tool that will help its registered users save time and organize their days more efficiently.”

The mirror will remind owners of upcoming appointments and events throughout the day, as it syncs up with your smartphone, both IOS, and Android. Place MirroCool in your hallway, bedroom, bathroom, as it suits you best. It is water-resistant and dust-proof.

Crowdfunding opportunities

The company is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the smart mirror. The crowdfunding campaign offers interested investors and backers the premier opportunity to invest in this innovative and groundbreaking product by July 2017. Representing the company, Anne Howard from the AH Marketing Group told us, “Early investors into the campaign will reap several exclusive rewards. Early delivery, customized mirrors and other perks are being offered to our early backers.”

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By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com