Instagram can be a very daunting social media platform, but with a few simple tricks you can master the technique to organically grow ANY Instagram page. Here are a few ways you can up your Instagram game.

(1) Take great photos – this may seem really obvious but its so easily overlooked by people new to the Instagram game that it needs to be stressed. The number one priority of any user should be to upload great content. You simply will not attract real fans without this!

(2) Communicate – every comment on any of your posts should be replied to. If you want to encourage people to really be a part of your little community, nothing works better than instantly replying to their comments and engaging them with your page. This will likely lead them to engage again in the future, and even tag other people.

(3) Engage – this is also hugely important. In order to bring new people to your page, you’re going to need to go out into the Instagram community and engage with people, in order to draw attention to your page. Each time you like a photo, or comment on something, you are essentially putting a link to your page on whatever content you have liked / commented on. There are a few great tools to make this a little easier – my favorite is SocialGrow, an Instagram bot that allows you to automate some of your liking activities. It’ll only like other peoples photos, using the settings you decide, but this can be hugely powerful in driving more traffic to your page.

(4) Niches – another great technique is to use niche hashtags and communities as your starting point. Niches have a lot less competition, so you might be able to gain a better following initially among a niche hashtag or community on Instagram, before expanding to a wider audience. Let us know in the comments if these tips were helpful 🙂

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of