wordpress-hostingWordPress is a platform that provides free website creation and management services. It is an open source platform and use PHP tool. In present time, WordPress is one of the most efficient and dominant CMS and blogging system.

It is a wonderful platform and used by many around the world. World famous The New York Times’ Blog is running on WordPress platform. And, it is not the only one, many fortune 500 companies, renowned bloggers; writer uses the same platform to work.

What is Bootstrap in WordPress?

It is a framework of WordPress that can be used to build responsive websites. It uses CSS styling, HTML5, JavaScript. The best thing about bootstrap framework is it has an ample customization option and very light in weight. When it comes to WordPress hosting, then BS can be hosted any one. The framework has lots of features and benefits users in various ways like

  • Development speed

When there is need of website development in a short period of time, then going for BS is a great option. Here, the developer does not have to do website development from scratch by framing code. There are a number of block codes available with BS and it can be used in multiple formats.

If more faster and quality work is required than the themes of BS can be purchased. It too has customization option.

  • Responsiveness

If your website is not responding on mobile, then its ranking will automatically dip. Reason, more and more people are using mobile and prefer checking things on mobile instead. According to research and survey done by Cisco, by the year 2018 the use of mobile for surfing the web will increase up to 11 folds. Thus, response of website on a mobile is must. Bootstrap makes the website response on mobile easy and effective.

  • Hosting

Bootstrap use simple HTML, jQuery and CSS, thus it is not at all difficult to find BS WordPress Hosting Australia. It can be done by any service provider. Yet, before choosing a service provider make sure they provide good service and there is minimum downtime.

  • Customization

Just like WordPress, Bootstrap too has ample tailoring possibilities. The creator has put many options in it that can be used by developers to get the website the way they want. The Bootstrap customize web page has a list of features. All that a developer has to do to use the features is put tick marks on features. Yes, it can be changed easily, if developer did not find it good after looking the final web page.

  • Support

Bootstrap is a new feature of WordPress but has enough support. The creators are working on it to make it more wonderful and thus there is no reason to worry about using this latest feature or not.

Thus, when you understood the benefits of the BS framework, then use to promote your business. As far as BS web hosting Australia is concerned, then not everybody is offering this service, except the leaders of hosting service. And they can be traced easily on Google.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com