torrent-vpnWhen you are using the torrent software you might not be able to hide your IP address while torrent files are downloading. Your IP remains visible to people who are downloading the same file and that means there are eyes on your IP which can include copyright holders as well. These are people who keep an eye of surveillance on torrent platforms and this can be invasive for your computer and security of your private network. For these reasons VPN helps to keep your IP identity safe and anonymous when you are using torrent platforms.

Protection of VPN

If you are wondering the kind of protection that VPN provides that happens in the following ways:

  • VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which works by developing a tunnel of encryption with the VPN servers and your computer. As a result, the data that transfer to and from your computer will pass through this secure tunnel.
  • Those who are spying on your IP will see a fake one that is provided by your VPN service provider

There are many countries that have enforced data retention laws. Under these laws, the ISPs have to maintain logs of the online activities of the users. In such cases, if you use torrent VPN you will be protected from such intruding acts. There are certain measures you need to take such as ensure that the VPN service you take up is specialized for torrenting. Also, it needs to allow P2P file sharing so that torrenting can work through its network. Not all VPN providers offer this so you need to check this detail.

How it works for torrenting?

No matter which torrent website you use your IP address will remain visible to all users when you are downloading torrent files. There are risks in such exposure. For these reasons, it is best that you opt for torrent VPN which will help to secure your IP and mask it from other users and eyes on such networks. When your IP address is known your network and computer stands to be at risk. You can secure yourself from such threats by taking up torrent VPN. However, not all VPN providers offer torrent services. As this is a P2P file sharing service, you need to ensure that VPN for torrent is available when you take up a VPN service.

Use of torrent VPN

Torrenting is a popular way to download large files over the internet. There are many torrent platforms that offer a large range of videos, music and movies for download. However, there are certain copyright laws and piracy concerns that lead to eyes on these networks. Hence, when you seek to download torrent files you might make your IP address exposed and at risk. For these reasons, it is necessary to take up VPN service. With a VPN service dedicated to torrenting you will be able to download large files over the torrent network and mask your real IP address at the same time with the help of the VPN service provider.

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