s1-smartphonesIf you are looking at an excellent investment opportunity, do not look further that the unique private location app solution that we are launching. Indeed, most people are aware of the lucrative growth in app businesses and how the right app can be a great form of investment, sure to reap in profits and increase your initial investment amount several times. Here is one compelling app idea for crowd funding that has potential for great success.

Demand for location apps

From tracking software to knowing the whereabouts of your loved ones, there is an imminent need for more information when it comes to the real time location of loved ones and friends. It is not that there are no apps in this segment. Indeed, there are several kinds of apps, from private surveillance apps to cellular data tracking software and others like friend locator apps. However, there is a niche segment that remains unexplored when it comes to real time tracking of location of other phones and mobile devices in a private and encrypted way and with knowledge and consent of both parties.

What is Wave?

Wave application is a private location app that promises several unique features and advantages that are above what is offered by the existing range of similar apps. It is an app that can show real time data regarding the location of different contacts on your phone or mobile device. There are different ways this app would work:

  • Real time tracking of any contact or a group of people can be activated securely through this app
  • It will send a request for consent to the contacts you wish to know the whereabouts
  • You can decide how long your location and that of your contact will remain visible to each other

How it promises to be different?

Most location specific apps do not provide adequate privacy coverage and often lead to influx of viruses into one’s device. Many software that offer location tracking often violate the privacy aspect and expose the location details as well as share user content in an illegal manner. That is where Wave promises to be different. The privacy aspect of the user is well taken care of. Hence, by using this app the users can be confident that their location and other private information is not being shared to other networks. We provide encrypted messaging for both chat and push notifications.

Benefit of crowd funding

You will gain several advantages if you opt to invest early in this venture. Currently there is a free registration option for those who are interested in the equity crowdfunding opportunity offered. That allows one to experience the app first hand as well as invest early in this venture and become an owner of the business as well. With a nominal investment you can experience the launch and growth potential of the app. We will provide you updates on the app business details and you would be involved in all major decisions that are taken regarding the growth or use of the app in the market.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com