ColaxySoftware developers are the most dynamic people who are constantly learning to keep up with the technology transformation.  It took only 10 years to move from Click/Scroll to Touch/Swipe to Gesture/gaze and yet software demands is growing faster than ever before.

Many developers are exploring and learning the new technology and building their skills, but such talent will get old in time and developer will have to move on to march for new learning curve.   Should not that developer have an endorsement of his talent and skill that he has gain in his career?

Computer Science students and professionals are constantly working on some cool projects that has real value to it, however such work just get lost and never get to see the world. No one will ever know the passion of an individual developer. Just like any other artist (Graphics designer, painter etc.) who has thousands of different online platform to create a portfolio of their work and showcase of their talent. It’s time to have similar platform for software developers too.

Colaxy – A Developer’s showroom! Colaxy is the place to build the portfolio of all your geeky software that you are writing as fun project or as hobbyist. If such work has potential, let it reach out to world and let it be used for the greater purpose.  Colaxy is the most effective way for software developers to build a portfolio of their development skills, which eventually speaks more than just a few words on professional social networks.

It’s a great encouragement and motivation to look back in past and see how much you have learned, how far you have come, how much you have contributed to help other to learn what you have developed, and also it’s a great platform to showoff all your skills and passion about learning software technology. is the place to start creating showcase of your projects that stays with you and on your profile forever. Visit and start uploading your greatest projects and create showcase of your skills and talent. Make a unique presence of yours in the vast world of internet and software. If you are learning and building cool projects for some of the most advanced platform such as Raspberry Pi or Any IoT ( Internet of Things) platform, Google Glass, Amazon Echo, NodeJS, angularJS, Ionic etc, then don’t wait any longer. Help yourself by creating your own brand of your passion and help others to learn, explore from your work and your talent.

By Techwacky

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