11Zx4N0Teeny Office Travel Agency CRM-Customer Relationship Management software designed by travel agents for travel agents.

San Francisco: Teeny Office announces Group Tracking and Reporting function.

Teeny Office now outranks all competitors in reviews. With beautiful invoicing, Streamlined work flow. The simple point and click process makes managing your database, invoicing, promotions and quotes easier, quicker and unlike any other Travel CRM.

Teeny Office has launched their Group  platform with customizable commission tracking.  Allowing Agency Administrators to track agent commission and payments with ease.

Teeny Office has also released a “net invoice” system for agencies who create their own FIT packages utilizing net rates from their vendors. The “Net Invoicing Sytem” allows agencies to track payment functions to vendors along with consume payment functions. Allowing agencies to create their own FIT products, tracking vendor payments and internal commissions with ease.

In a recent interview with National Head of Sales Gina Rodriguez, when asked “What makes Teeny Office better than competitors” she replied , “It all comes down to service and product. I probably spend 20 hours a week just chatting with Travel Agency owners about their needs. We are only concerned with their success and providing them with the best software possible at a competitive rate. Small agencies need to be afforded  the tools previously  available to large agencies.”

Teeny Office Host agency platform is available for a yearly License of $340 for up to 10 agents.

Teeny Office “Net Invoicing” platform is available for $110 per month and includes the standard agency platform.

This Cloudbased software is on the fast track to revolutionizing the way travel agents work.

The pricing for Teeny Office Travel Agent CRM is very competitive and the CRM system can be licensed for up to 10  agents for the nominal figure of just $340 per year.

With Agencies in China, UK, Canada, US, Australia and Vietnam, Teeny Office caters to many countries, many currencies and appropriate country formatting, Teeny Office is ideal for travel agencies of all sizes.

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