tumblr_inline_nxwln5UB8f1tgk2d1_540If you have attempted to create a blog or post something and hoped that it would get many hits but didn’t, you are probably wondering how others are able to do it. Getting thousands and thousands of likes is not something that everyone can do unless you are a really popular celebrity.

To shed light on your curiosity, some of the account owners actually buy Instagram likes and followers. Wait, what? Yes, you read right the first time. So your next question is, how is that even possible? Isn’t Instagram going to shut down their accounts for having fake likes? Buying Instagram likes and followers is pretty simple. You only need to go online and put buy Instagram likes on the search box. In a few seconds, you’ll have a long list of websites that you can choose from to buy your Instagram likes. On the website, you only need to choose which post you want the likes to go on and how many likes you want to get. After paying, you are good to go. It won’t be long before you start getting likes on that particular photo.

Sounds awesome right especially when you don’t need to spend as much for it. But wait right there because there is a catch. If you take a look at the profiles that liked your page, you will notice one thing. The profiles that liked your post are fake or bot accounts. It is easy to tell them apart from the real ones. They usually have robotic-sounding bios, no profile photos, few uploads with no likes or comments or account is set to private. If people with real accounts notice this, they will start doubting your integrity and it is going to damage your reputation.

Then you are probably going to say that only a few dishonest bloggers or sellers do this. You are actually wrong. No that you have this knowledge, why don’t you go back to the profiles of the people who you admire so much and take a look at their posts again. You will probably notice that too many bot accounts have liked their posts which is a good indicator that they have bought Instagram likes. With that said, we should also clarify that not all people do this but a good number people who buy likes on Instagram. It’s an open secret.

So the next time you start feeling bad about not getting that many likes on your post, you just need to remember this. You have real people appreciating what you just posted and not some bot.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com